Offer still available as of: SundayJanuary 232022

How The 7-PILLAR™ Paid Ads Process Has Allowed Me To Make 8-Figures In Passive Affiliate Commissions

How The 7-PILLAR™ Paid Ads Process Has Allowed Me To Make 8-Figures In Passive Affiliate Commissions

In this exclusive 25-minute workshop, I'm going to give you:

In this exclusive 25-minute workshop, I'm going to give you:

Presented By:

Adam Cherrington

  • Rockstar Dad
  • 20-Year Digital Marketing Veteran & Media Buying Maven
  • Straight-Shooter Who Tells It Like It Is. No Fluff. No Filler. No BS.

The single BEST paid traffic channel for affiliate marketers (The ONLY channel you should be using, and NOT what you think).

The ONLY market to be operating in for the highest chance of success (Focus exclusively on this market for the greatest ROI).

The EXACT demographic you should be targeting (The most responsive group of buyers on the planet. Once you know this, you will never market to another demo again).

The NECESSARY leverage that guarantees my clients will never have to work more than 1 hour per week (Implement this for truly passive income).

The COMPLETE 7-PILLAR™ Process dozens of non-techy people are using to create a lifestyle of freedom and prosperity, without Amazon, Shopify, ClickFunnels, or any saturated ad platform like FB or Big G (No fluff, no filler...just real-deal, actionable info you need to get started with this business today, and drastically change your life in 2022).

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Offer still available as of: SundayJanuary 232022

Student Success Stories:

Seth Traub

Michael Der:

Taigen Hegberg:

Bryan Marine:

Shawn Brace:

Offer still available as of: SundayJanuary 232022

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